Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Kolkata

Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Kolkata

Enroll in Machine Learning Course to Give Your Career a Huge Leap

WebTek Labs helps you to learn the innovative practices of Machine Learning and stay ahead in the IT industry. With its first of its kind Machine Learning program, we help you stay motivated and pursue a brilliant career as Data Scientist. Learn with us first, and then hone your skills to crack tough interviews and ultimately get placed in a top notch company.

Top Reasons to choose WebTek Labs for Machine Learning

  • Reasonable course fee and updated course content
  • Guidance from the proficient trainers with long years of industry experience
  • Work on the live projects that can be highlighted to the future employers
  • Attend classes on flexible hours and even on Sundays or other holidays
  • Support of the experienced educational counselors on the application process, fee, curriculum as well as other course details before admission
  • Get 100 percent placement support and also the globally recognized certificate from WebTek Labs with the partner logos
  • Organize question and answer sessions, group discussions, and mock tests before the job interviews

Key Goals of Machine Learning Course of WebTek Labs

  • Increase practical skills through the problem-solving procedure of this course thereby working on the project during this course
  • Assess the large volume of data using effective machine learning techniques in Python
  • Learn the technique to evaluate the large volume of data as well as highlight the insights
  • Use appropriate examples and cases and also make this type of learning interesting and simple.

About the Course

Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Kolkata

The main objective is to emphasize on the application of knowledge in the real time. At WebTek Labs, we offer something more than Information Technology training. We focus to disseminate in-depth knowledge. We offer something out-of-the-box. We start with the basics and then there is no limit on training of the relevant technology with us.


Before participating in Machine Learning training we should gather knowledge of various concepts that include

  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Concepts of Database
  • Concepts related to Logical Thinking

Course Content


Giving the Computers the Capacity to Learn from the Data
  • Three Kinds of machine learning
  • An overview of the basic notations as well as terminology
  • Supervised, reinforcement and unsupervised, learning
  • The roadmap for developing machine learning systems
  • Using Python programming for machine learning


A brief tour to Python
  • Overview of the Python language
  • Environmental setup for Anaconda, Jupyter, Python, Spider and so on
  • Run python program in the jupyter/ ipython/ spider
  • The data types of Python, string and numbers
  • If, Loops, elif as well as function in python
  • Module as well as exception of Python


Data Structure of the Python
  • Various kinds of Data structure list, dictionary, set, tuple and so on
  • Different functions of List, Set, Dictionary, and Tuple
  • Push as well as pop on Set
  • What is List Comprehension?
  • Difference between the diverse data structure


Packages of Machine Learning in Python
  • Overview of Numpy and Panda
  • Slicing as well as indexing of the Numpy Array
  • Developing Numpy array as well as its diverse operations
  • Introduction to the Panda as well as Data frame
  • Programs implementing Panda Data frame
  • Visualization of Data using Matplotlib


Effective Tour of the Machine Learning Classifiers Using Scikit-learn
  • Selecting the classification algorithm
  • Modeling the class probabilities through logistic regression
  • Solving the nonlinear problems using the kernel SVM
  • First steps with the scikit-learn
  • K-nearest neighbors a lazy learning algorithm
  • Decision tree in Machine learning


Developing Effective Training Sets Data Preprocessing
  • Management of the categorical data
  • Dealing with the missing data
  • Partitioning the dataset in the training as well as test sets
  • Evaluating the feature importance with the random forests
  • Choosing the meaningful features


Data Science with Python language
  • Overview of Data Science as well as Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis as well as Business Application
  • Scientific computing with the Python (Scipy)
  • Manipulation of Data with Panda
  • Mathematical computing with the Python (Numpy)
  • Processing of Natural language using the Scikit learns

Take your IT career to a new high with Machine Learning Certification Course in Kolkata. Grab the innovative training opportunities provided to you. 

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