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IOT with Embedded System using Arduino

Course Objective:

  • IoT is aimed at enabling the interconnection and integration of the physical world and the cyber space. It represents the trend of future networking, and leads the third wave of the IT industry revolution.
  • On completion of the training, participants will be able to design, validate and optimize embedded electronic systems to make IoT devices, able to define hardware and software communication and control requirements.
  • To acquire knowledge of and be able to use tools for the development and debugging of programs implemented on microcontrollers.
  • Using open IoT API as a generic interface to multi-domain smart object platforms students will able to make prototype of embedded IoT devices.
  • To acquire knowledge of sensor properties and apply these in the design of Electronic systems which integrate measurement and actuation in different industrial production contexts. 


Before going through IoT training, candidate must have knowledge of given concepts listed below:

  • Basic Knowledge of Electronics & Communication.
  • C, C++ programming.

Who Could Attend?

  • College students seeking career in IoT & Embedded Systems.
  • Persons having interest in IoT.
  • Students Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical…

IOT with Embedded System using Arduino

Course Duration: 4-6 weeks

Online : Regular Batches / Weekend Batches

Live Project


Soft Skill Development

Advanced Programs

  • Introduction to Internet of Things.
  • What, Where, Why Internet of Things.
  • Scope & Application of IoT.
  • Technical Introduction of Elements used to Build IoT (Network Device, MODEM, Actuator, Sensors, etc…)
  • Demonstration.
  • Q & A session.
  • Introduction of Embedded System.
  • What, Where, Why Embedded System.
  • Scope & Application of Embedded System.
  • Technical Introduction of Different Components (Relay, Motors, Controllers, Sensors, etc…)
  • Q & A session.
  • Introduction of Embedded C.
  • What, Where, Why C?
  • Technical Description of C.
  • Detailed Theory of Compiler, Linker, Preprocessor, Locator, etc.
  • Variables, Constants & Data Types in C.
  • Keywords in C.
  • Operators in C.
  • Different Bitwise Operation.
  • Decision Making Statement.
  • Loops & Flow Controls.
  • Functions.
  • Bit Manipulation Operations. (Bit Set, Bit Clear, Bit Check, Bit Inversion)
  • Types of Microcontroller used to make Embedded System.
  • Specification of AVR Microcontroller.
  • Benefits of using AVR with Application.
  • Pin Configuration of ATmega328 Microcontroller.
  • Description of I/O PORT and I/O Registers.
  • Register Summary.
  • Description of Arduino IDE.
  • Construction of Arduino Sketch.
  • Flow Controls in Arduino, setup( ) & loop( )
  • Inbuilt Functions, Macros & Variables in Arduino.
  • Description Hardware Development Board of Arduino. (Arduino Uno, Nano etc…)
  • Description of Arduino Simulator.
  • Programming using Arduino IDE. (Blink, LED Pattern, Color Changing, Button etc…)
  • Programming with IR sensor, Relay, Buzzer, etc…
  • Types of Signal.
  • Signal Conversion Technique ( ADC, DAC)
  • Digital signals & Generation Techniques (PWM, PAM, PAM, PCM)
  • Types of Communication Protocol used in Embedded System.
  • SPI, with its Application.
  • TWI/I2C
  • Programming using Internal Timer of ATmega328. (millis() function, Ex-Blinking without delay( ) )
  • Produce PWM accessing Internal Timer.
  • LED fading, color Mixing.
  • LED Chaser Designing.
  • UART Communication using “Serial” object of Arduino
  • Baud Rate & Bit Rate. (begin( ) )
  • Different Functions used to access Rx and Tx pin. (read( ), write( ), print( ), etc…)
  • Transmission & Reception of Data. ( echo back program)
  • Communication between Systems & Microcontrollers. (Using Serial Monitor)
  • LED, Relay, Buzzer control using Serial Command.
  • Brightness & Blinking Control of LED using UART.
  • Software Serial Communication.
  • Communication between two Arduino Boards. (Multi Board Communication)
  • Interfacing Bluetooth Module with Arduino.
  • Wireless Load Control using Bluetooth Command.
  • Controlling different appliances using Android Apk.
  • Access Internal ADC using Arduino.
  • Programming with LDR & other Sensors.
  • Mapping Analog Input value using Inbuilt Functions.
  • Day Light Dimming Control using Arduino.
  • Relay Load control using Sensors.
  • Designing Voltmeter.
  • Pin Configuration and Specifications of ESP-8266 Wifi Module.
  • ESP8266 Configuration using AT Commands.
  • Local Server using ESP8266 Wifi Module.
  • Data passing and basic operation using Wifi.
  • Sensor Data Reading using Wifi.
  • Controlling LED, Relay, and Buzzer using Android Apps.
  • IoT Architecture and Protocols.
  • Introduction to ThingSpeak IOT platform.
  • Channel Creation & data Update/Read Technique.
  • ESP8266 Configuration using AT Commands to access Internet.
  • Data Uploading to IOT Platform using Wifi Module.
  • Data Reading from IOT Platform.

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