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Selenium Automation Testing with Java

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Selenium Automation Testing with Java Course Curriculum

Course Duration: 50 Hours

Online : Regular Batches / Weekend Batches

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Soft Skill Development

Advanced Programs

  • Usage of Java language for automation
  • Java Syntax Rules & Coding Standards
  • Java Environment Setup
  • Java programming Memory management- JVM, JRE and JDK introduction
  • Introduction about Java keywords
  • Write & Execute first Java Program using Eclipse IDE
  • Data Types- Primitive and Non-Primitive
  • Java Variables-Local, Global, Static
  • Java Methods declaration- static and non-static methods, parameterized and non- parameterized methods, methods return types etc..
  • Java Modifiers- Access and Non-Access modifiers
  • Java Operators- Logical, Assignments, Comparison etc…
  • Java Programming Structure, Writing Comments
  • Declaring Methods, Declaring Variables, Declaring Constants, Print Statements, usage of Operators
  • Java Flow Control statements- Conditional and Looping Statements
  • Types and usage of Conditional Statements- If statement, If-else, Nested if statement, if-else-if statement and Switch case statement
  • Writing Conditional Statements, Writing Loop Statements and Calling methods
  • Java loop statements- for loop, while loop, do while loop and enhanced for loop with examples.
  • Java OOPS: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.
  • Java Arrays- Introduction One-D array, Two-D array and Three-D array, Usage of Arrays, Advantage and disadvantage of arrays
  • Introduction of String class in Java- String literals, String Handling, Memory management of String, String Constant pool (SCP) and Heap area, String methods, Creating Strings, String Concatenation, and String Comparison and usage for automation testing.
  • File Handling- Notepad, Excels, Input and Output operations and File handling in Java, reading different types of input and displaying output on the console.
  • Exception Handling- Introduction about Exception class in java and their methods, Usage of Try catch blocks, difference between through and throws and other keywords.
  • Introductions of Collections, Types of collections, Generic and Non-Generic concepts-List, Dictionary, Stack and Queue, ArrayList, HashTable, Stack and Queue etc..
  • Introduction about Multithreading concepts in Java and usage.
  • What is Automation Testing
  • Automation Vs Manual Testing
  • Use of automation Testing
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • Why automation is important for you career?
  • What is Selenium.
  • Advantage of Selenium.
  • History of Selenium.
  • Component of Selenium.
  • Architecture of Remote Control.
  • Architecture of WebDriver.
  • Architecture of GRID.
  • Differences between API’s Vs GUI’s.
  • Download and install java
  • Download and start Eclipse
  • Download and configure WebDriver java client
  • Set up a project
  • Create packages
  • Create a First Java test case
  • Import WebDriver Source file
  • Launching Firefox browser
  • How to Open a URL
  • Verify Page title
  • Strategy to get the Page Source
  • Difference between Close & Quit
  • Ways to Navigate Back & Forward
  • How to Refresh Page
  • Another way of Navigating to specific Page
  • WebDriver and WebElement Interface
  • How to run test script with different browsers- Firefox, Chrome, MS-Edge etc…
  • How to run test in Headless browser.
  • HTML Basics.
  • HTML language tags and attributes.
  • Introduction about Object Identifications- Developers tools, Firepath and firebug and Chropath
  • Types of Locators- Id, Name, Classname, Tagname, Linktext, Partiallinktext, Css-selector and X-path
  • Difference between Absolute & Complete X-path.
  • X-path symbols and usage.
  • Introduction about X-path functions-Text, Contains, Starts-with, Descendent etc..
  • Finding your first element by using locators.
  • Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  • Element locator tool for Firefox Locator
  • Various HTML locator strategies XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
  • Selection of Effective X-path, Making static and Dynamic X-path mechanism
  • Handling Dynamic objects on the web page, Identify table rows and columns values
  • Extracting values from a cell

Dynamically Identify Tables Data

  • Making Static page by using simple HTML and creating few elements
  • Textbox, Links, Buttons, check boxes, Radio buttons and others…
  • Introduction and Usage of Web-element methods- Find-Element and Find-Elements methods, Sendkeys and other methods…
  • Handling Dropdowns by using Select class in Selenium
  • Drop Down Handle- method of Select class
  • Select multiple values from the list
  • Select & Deselect operations by Index, Value& Visible Text.
  • What is synchronization
  • Types of synchronization-Implicit and Explicit waits
  • How to use Expected Conditions with Waits
  • PageLoadTimeout property
  • Simple use of Thread Sleep
  • Fluent Wait in Selenium
  • WebDriver Waits and its usage
  • Different WebDriverWait-Until Conditions and methods….
  • What is prompt, usage of prompt in web page, java-script popups
  • Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert
  • Difference between Window Handle & Handles
  • Switching & Closing Windows and Tabs
  • Extracting window IDs with Selenium Object reference
  • Introduction about JavaScript Executor Interface
  • Handling web elements by using Java-Scripts
  • Introduction about Java-Script methods and commands to handle the elements
  • Captured Screenshot by using Web-Driver interface/class-Takes Screenshots, Even Firing Web Driver and their methods, store/save screen shots in specific location
  • Cookies Handles
  • What is Actions Class & What can we do with Action Class
  • Mouse Hover & Mouse Movement and Key-bord events with Actions class
  • Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  • Drag and Drop, Move To element, Move By off Set, Click, Double click, Right click and other methods of Actions class
  • Overview of Robot class to handle the Mouse and key-bord events
  • What is Unit Testing, Overview of Unit testing tools usage
  • What is Test NG, Usage of Test Ng in selenium
  • Benefits and Features of Test NG
  • How to download, Configure Test NG with Eclipse and projects
  • Annotations in Test NG and their usage
  • What is Test Ng Suit and How to run Test by using Suite file in Test NG
  • Groups and Depend on features in Test NG
  • Test Case execution sequence and priority in Test Ng
  • Test case execution with Assertion in Test Ng
  • Test NG Parameters annotations
  • Data Provider concepts in Test Ng
  • Multiple time Test Case executions by using invocation Count feature
  • How to Re-Run Test by using Retry Analyzer
  • Multi Browser testing/Parallel testing in Test NG
  • Review Test Ng Reporting
  • Introduction about Test Ng Listeners
  • Execute test cases by using Listeners, takes screenshots and others…
  • What is POM
  • Why we use POM in selenium and its need
  • What is Page Factory in POM
  • Why we use Page Factory
  • How to make POM class
  • How to call POM class
  • What are the features in POM
  • What is Maven Project and its advantages
  • What is POM.xml file and its usage
  • How to install Maven in Eclipse IDE
  • How to download, configure and Install Maven on Windows/Mac
  • How to Create a New Maven Project
  • How to add dependencies in Maven projects
  • How to use Maven Projects to achieve selenium automation frameworks
  • What is Test Reporting and its need
  • Download and configure Extent Report jar
  • Explore Extent Report API and features as well as methods
  • Implement various Extent report classes to achieve test reporting
  • How to attach screenshots in test report.
  • How to prepare passed and failed Test report by using extent reporting
  • What is logs, why we need to make a logs of our test execution.
  • What is Log4j
  • How to Download and configure Log4J jar with projects and Test scripts
  • What are the log4j properties and how it is configured
  • Explore about Log4j Log Manager, Log4j Appenders, Log4j Loggers
  • Implementation of log4j in Test scripts globally
  • What is Automation Framework
  • Features of Automation Framework
  • Benefits of using Automation Framework
  • Different types of Automation Framework
  • Introduction TDD and BDD
  • What is Data Driven Framework
  • What is Modular Driven Framework
  • What is Keyword Driven Framework
  • Usage of Apache POI API in Data Driven
  • How to Configuration and Setup POI Jar in projects
  • Explore the POI API
  • Explore POI interfaces, classes and methods
  • Read, Write data into Excel file and perform different events with Apache POI
  • How to update Status in excel file in data driven testing
  • How to implement Keyword driven testing by using Apache POI library
  • Understanding how to make Hybrid framework from scratch level.
  • What is BDD, how it different than the other framework
  • Why we use BDD in selenium
  • What are the tools available to achieve BDD
  • Introduction about Cucumber to achieve BDD
  • Explore the Cucumber features
  • What is Gherkins Language and its usage in BDD
  • How to create feature files in Cucumber
  • How to write Scenario, Scenario outline in feature file
  • How to configure feature file with our selenium codes
  • What Cucumber Hooks(annotation) and how to use it in Selenium codes
  • How to achieve Data driven in Cucumber
  • Creation of feature files and Step Definition class in Cucumber
  • How to generate Cucumber Reports
  • How to customize Cucumber reports in different formats- HTML, Text and Json
  • How to take screenshots by using Cucumber feature file
  • How to implement POM concepts in BDD framework/Explore BDD Hybrid framework
  • How to creates Log files and extent reports in Cucumber BDD
  • Introduction about Continuous Integration for Testing and Development perspective
  • Overview about DEVOP’s concepts
  • What is Jenkins
  • Usage of Jenkins
  • Download and configure Jenkins in windows
  • Explore Jenkins window
  • How to create Jobs in Jenkins
  • Jenkins Integration with JAVA/Maven projects and Frameworks
  • How to build and triggers of Java/Maven projects
  • How to integrate Cucumber project with Jenkins
  • How to make Reports in Jenkins
  • What is Version Control
  • What is GitHub
  • How to create GitHub repository
  • How to Configure GitHub repository with Eclipse IDE
  • How to puss and pull projects in GitHub
  • How to commit and save Projects in GitHub repository
  • What is database
  • How to make front end and backend connection in selenium
  • Download and configure Database driver to connect database
  • Database Testing in Selenium using MySql database
  • Executes SQL commands and check output.
  • Analyzing Manual Test Script
  • Automation Test Script Development strategy
  • Develop and Design manual test case and convert it in Automation with selenium.
  • Technical Interview Preparation
  • Mock Test

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