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Selenium Automation Testing with Python

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Selenium Automation Testing with Python Course Curriculum

Course Duration: 50 Hours

Online : Regular Batches / Weekend Batches

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Soft Skill Development

Advanced Programs

  • Overview about programming and Scripting languages
  • Role of programmings in automation testing
  • Explore History of Python
  • Instalation of python and python libraries in Windows and other O/S
  • Understanding Package management and environmant setup
  • Instalation and setup pycharm
  • Explore features of Python
  • Understanding Python Variable and Data types- Objects and References, Variables Rules
  • Data types- Number, Math Operation, Exponentiations and Modulo, Arithmetic order of precedence, Boolean, Strings, String Slicing and Index, String Formatting
  • Explore List, List Methods, Working With Dictionary, Nested Dictionary, Dictionary Methods, Tuple
  • Working with Operators- comparison operator, Boolean Operators, Boolean and Order of Precedence
  • Working with Flow control Statements- If statement and If-Else Statement, Break and Continue statements
  • Working with Looping statements- For Loop, While Loop, Iterating List , Use of Range function in for loop
  • Working with Functions- Built in function and User defined functions, Understanding Method, Return value
  • Working with positional / optional parameter
  • Understanding Scope of Variables
  • Understanding OOPS Concepts- Understanding Object and Class, Inheritance, Method Overriding.
  • Exception Handling in Python- Exception Handling, finally, and Else Block
  • Handling Files- How to read and write data into a file.
  • What is Automation Testing
  • Automation Vs Manual Testing
  • Use of automation Testing
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • Why automation is important for you career?
  • What is Selenium.
  • Advantage of Selenium.
  • History of Selenium.
  • Component of Selenium.
  • Architecture of WebDriver.
  • Architecture of GRID.
  • Differences between API’s Vs GUI’s.
  • Download and install PyCharm
  • Installation selenium packages in PyCharm/Eclipse
  • Set up a project in PyCharm
  • Understanding PyCharm IDE
  • HTML Basics.
  • HTML language tags and attributes.
  • Introduction about Object Identifications- Developers tools and Chropath
  • Types of Locators- Find_BY_Id, Name, Class name, Tag name, Link text, Partial link text, Css-selector and X-path
  • Difference between Absolute & Complete X-path.
  • X-path symbols and usage.
  • Introduction about X-path functions-Text, Contains, Starts-with, Descendent, Parent, Child, Ancestor
  • Finding your first element by using locators.
  • Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  • Element locator tool for Firefox Locator
  • Various HTML locator strategies XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
  • Selection of Effective X-path, Making static and Dynamic X-path mechanism
  • Handling Dynamic objects on the web page, Identify table rows and columns values
  • Extracting values from a cell
  • Dynamically Identify Tables Data
  • Launching Firefox, Chrome and other browsers
  • How to Open a URL
  • Verify Page title
  • Strategy to get the Page Source
  • How to run test script with different browsers- Firefox, Chrome, MS-Edge etc…
  • Making Static page by using simple HTML and creating few elements
  • Textbox, Links, Buttons, check boxes, Radio buttons and others…
  • Introduction and Usage of Web-element methods- Find-Element and Find-Elements methods, Send_keys and other methods…
  • Handling Dropdowns by using Select class in Selenium
  • Drop Down Handle- method of Select class
  • Select multiple values from the list
  • Select & Deselect operations by Index, Value& Visible Text.
  • Working with alerts, Brower pop-ups, scroll up and down.
  • Reading POP up text.
  • Switching between frames.
  • Handling different windows and tabs
  • Introduction about Frames and mouse actions.
  • What is Action Chain class in selenium.
  • Drag and drop mouse actions.
  • Different action chain class methods.
  • Calendar Selection Introduction
  • Calendar Selection
  • How to Take Screenshots
  • Executing JavaScript Commands
  • Implicit Wait Vs Explicit Wait
  • Implicit Wait
  • Explicit Wait
  • Introduction Logging Module
  • Logging Formats
  • Logger – In Text file and Console
  • Logger – Configuration File U
  • Unit test Infrastructure
  • Unit Test Module Introduction
  • How to Write Test Case
  • How to Implement Setup and Teardown Methods
  • How to use Assert in Test Method
  • Code executing by using Terminal
  • How to Create A Test Suite Advanced Testing Framework
  • Installation and Configuration PyTest in PyCharm and write Test Script
  • PyTest Naming Conventions
  • Introduction of PyTest Fixtures
  • How to Update Pytest Fixture
  • Common Fixtures to Multiple Modules
  • How to Maintain Run Order of Tests
  • Running Tests Based on Command Line Arguments
  • Install PyTest HTML Plugin and Generate HTML Test Report
  • What is POM
  • How to make Page Objects of a web elements
  • How to Convert Test Case to Page Object Model
  • What is Automation Framework
  • Features of Automation Framework
  • Benefits of using Automation Framework
  • Different types of Automation Framework
  • Introduction TDD and BDD
  • Explore and create feature file using Behave module
  • What is Gherkins Language and its usage in BDD
  • How to write Feature, Scenario, and Gherkins keyword into feature file
  • How to configure feature file with our selenium codes
  • What is Data Driven Framework
  • Read, Write data into Excel file and implementation with selenium codes
  • Running Complete Test Suite by using PyTest
  • How to run complete suites by Terminal and their commands
  • Analyzing Manual Test Script
  • Automation Test Script Development strategy
  • Develop and Design manual test case and convert it in Automation with selenium.
  • Technical Interview Preparation
  • Mock Test

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